Shane Steinert-Threlkeld


Shane Steinert-Threlkeld

shanest (at) stanford (dot) edu

Stanford University, Department of Philosophy
450 Serra Mall, Building 90
Stanford, CA 94305

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Ph.D. Student, Stanford University

Department of Philosophy (special track in Symbolic Systems)

Patrick Suppes Fellowship in Philosophy of Science

Anticipated degree date: Spring 2016

B.A., Johns Hopkins University

B.A., Philosophy and Mathematics
Minor: Computer Science
Class of 2011


Cumulative: 3.75, 3.79 (uncovered; see these grades)
Philosophy: 3.98
Mathematics: 3.57
Computer Science: 3.68

Hodson Trust Scholar

Hodson Trust Scholarships ($24,000 per year) are offered to approximately 20 first-year students. This highly competitive merit-based scholarship is renewable for up to three additional years of undergraduate study if the recipient maintains a 3.0 GPA.

Students selected as Hodson Trust Scholars have demonstrated excellence in their curriculum, extraordinary intellectual curiosity, academic inquisitiveness, and extensive leadership in high school and community activities.

All accepted freshman applicants are considered for this scholarship.

Source: Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions

Summer 2010, CMU Logic and Formal Epistemology

Admitted to and attended the summer school at Carnegie Mellon University in Logic and Formal Epistemology.  This program was held from June 7 - June 25, 2010.  Courses taken:

  • Logic and Scientific Inquiry, Clark Glymour
  • Computability and Foundations, Wilfrid Sieg
  • Philosophical Logic and Formal Epistemology, Horacio Arlo-Costa

More information about this program can be found on their website.